Abogados Alicante

The process to resolve an inheritance is different if the deceased does it in Spain (leaving real estate here or abroad) or abroad, but in both cases, much of the required documentation must be prepared or generated in Spain and will be the same .

To facilitate all this cumbersome process in times that can be personally difficult, I can help you get it in a fast and agile.

An important part of the problems of inheritance are produced by the lack of clarity in the testamentary dispositions. The writing of a correct testament ensures that your wishes are finally met avoiding, in many cases, complications and disputes between family members, as well as lack of financial resources to deal with the taxes generated in the process.

I can help you, offering these services:

  1. Acquisition of inheritor’s NIE.
  2. Organization of the power of attorney in Spain or in your own country
  3. Obtaining a copy of the last will certificate.
  4. Claiming life insurance entitlements.
  5. Legalization of all foreign documents before the notary.
  6. Organizing the deferment of inheritance tax payment if necessary.
  7. Signing the inheritance documents, or do it through a power of attorney before the Notary.
  8. Organizing the payment of inheritance tax.
  9. Obtaining the town hall registration records.