International inheritances

The process of handling an inheritance differs between nationals and foreigners, as Spain has specific regulations that protect the interests of direct family members (forced heirs), whereas this may not be the case in other countries, where the testator is free to bequeath their assets to whomever they choose, regardless of their familial relationship.

According to Spanish legislation, the succession of a person who wishes to make a will or of the deceased will be governed by the law of their nationality, and it will be easier to resolve if you have left a will.


Wills in Spain

It is a practice that I always recommend, which is to create a will in Spain, as this will make the process of property transfer much easier and less costly for your heirs. This avoids additional expenses for translation and apostille to validate the document in Spain.


In the event that your relative has not been able to make a will in Spain and you wish to initiate the succession, I can assist you in the process of engaging translation and apostille services. I have experience in handling these procedures through the Embassies and Consulates of various countries.