Rustic Land

Purchasing land classified as rustic in Spain entails greater complexities than ordinary or urban land, as it is typically associated with agricultural or hotel activities. Consequently, it will require obtaining additional licenses commonly associated with the purchase process.

Furthermore, it is common to encounter discrepancies in square meters as reflected in property titles (escrituras de propiedad) and data from the real estate cadastre (Catastro Inmobiliario- Suma).



María Solana have experience in rectifying and regularizing these situations, which are typically resolved through the so-called “expedientes de dominio” procedure.

It is also quite frequent to discover that the dwelling is not registered in the property registry, or that certain constructions, such as swimming pools, have not been declared. The issue becomes more pronounced when the construction was erected unlawfully on land classified as under special protection.

María Solana has been involved in the acquisition of country estates for the cultivation and sale of products such as oil and wine, for horse breeding, for hosting events, rural hotels, or spiritual retreats. These activities entail the processing of legal documentation of greater complexity, as they require special authorizations from specific government ministries.

Her recommendation is to search a Lawyer specialized in rustic land.