Urban Houses

The most common purchasing process involves apartments located within a building where other residents reside.

Various issues arise, especially when dealing with apartments.

For example, penthouses differ from regular apartments or those with shared elements on the ground floor (such as terraces or gardens).

Similarly, the purchasing processes for semi-detached houses and detached houses are distinct.

Each case necessitates an individualized study of the documentation to ensure there are no potential future issues with neighbors or with the Town Hall because the rights and obligations are frequently misunderstood in that relationship between neighbors.

Living in a condo requires different obligations than if you live in an independent urban house. 

In Spain is very usual that the management of a condo is done by a special professional called Administrador de Fincas. This person will provide you with a necessary document (a Certificate) that the buyer needs to check in order to know that the seller doesn´t have pending payments for the maintenance of the community services. If you don´t check it, the buyer will be responsible for this pending payment.

Many other things have to be check before buying an urban house. 

Visit to the Intempo skyscraper in Benidorm during its construction.
March 2010.