Real Estate Law

The first thing that María recommends to you when you decide to buy a property is to find an independent legal advisor before paying any deposits.

Her law firm covers the whole legal process involved with purchasing and selling properties in Spain.

If you do not live in Spain or if you are not able to stay during the purchase or the sale of the property, María can help you prepare a power of attorney that you could sign in the nearest Spanish Consulate of your country.

María Solana´s office offers a service of getting the NIE application process in the Spanish Consulate or in Spain, preparing all legal documents needed for completion the application form.

During the process of the purchase, what can María Solana law firm do?

  • María will contact the real estate agent in order to check all the documents that they have.
  • If she needs more information she will search it in the Land Property Office, Town Hall, community of ownership, official organisms…
  • She will study all of the documents and then she will prepare a report on the legal situation (360º assessment).

This report also includes a reference of the risk that you submit if you buy the house.

This assessment of the risk situation allows the buyer to negotiate the conditions and terms of the contract.