Tourist Apartments

The regulation of tourist apartment rentals requires compliance with various technical requirements and licenses.

If you intend to purchase a property for subsequent use as a tourist apartment, you must be aware that its regulation differs from that of other residential properties.

Usually, the license is granted for an entire building, with the individual units within it being rented independently.

If, on the contrary, you are planning to rent your property through an online platform that manages the entire rental process and deals directly with the tenant via an online booking system, you must be aware that your property must be previously registered in a public office, which will provide you with a registration number.

This requirement is essential for rental purposes, and the relationship is governed by a different set of regulations than standard residential properties.

Additionally, it is important to note that in order to obtain this registration number, you must have applied for a certificate of compatibility of use (Cerificado de Cambio de Uso o Compatibilidad de uso) from the municipality where the property is located, allowing you to engage in this activity. This certificate must be accompanied by a technical project.

I highly recommend before buying the house -if you are planning to rent it-  study the urban planning document in order to know before investing for this purpose that the city council allows this activity in the area where the house is located.