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The newly launched Housing Office has attended to and resolved 12 cases of imminent eviction in just two weeks since it started operating.

Crevillent (17/01/2017).- María Solana, a lawyer and mediator, with the help of her administrative assistant, has attended and resolved 12 cases of imminent eviction in just two weeks since the Crevillent Housing Office began operating.

The office is located in the Social Services building (16 Ribera).

In all cases, these are families living in rental properties with precarious economic situations who cannot afford their monthly payments.

Normally, these are individuals already receiving assistance from Social Services, and we act as a complement by advising them on housing matters from a legal standpoint,” explains María.

The lawyer asserts that “when we say all cases have been resolved, we mean we provide them with an immediate and legal solution to their current situation, but that doesn’t mean the problem has ended”.

 In other words, families, at best, may be able to remain in their homes for some more time, but a short and medium-term occupational alternative must be sought.

To achieve this, the lawyer of the Housing Office is engaging in mediation with banks, savings banks, and real estate agencies to secure rental conditions that are more advantageous for these families.

She also offers legal advice and accompanies them to court, provides information about all available housing resources such as subsidies, and assists in registering for social housing lists at the local or provincial level, among other services.

María Solana emphasizes that this office “works in constant coordination with the Municipal Social Services to address socio-family situations jointly.

The public service hours have been set for Mondays and Fridays in the morning, but always with prior appointment, which can be obtained by calling the city council office.

In addition to imminent eviction cases, the office has also addressed inquiries about the refund of overpaid amounts on mortgages due to floor clauses and rental aid, among other matters.

However, this is an experimental service and will remain open for a preliminary period of three months. “Its continuity will depend on the office’s activity and whether there is sufficient demand for the service to remain open for a longer period,” says the Councilor for Social Welfare, Juana Guirao.

To assess its viability in the municipality, a monthly report will be prepared and carefully reviewed by the Social Services technicians.

For now, the office, with cases referred by the Social Services department, “is functioning as expected,” declares Councilor Juana Guirao.

María Solana, on the other hand, states that “we have been surprised by the reception it has received in these first weeks. It has been a pleasant surprise, and we hope that more people will feel encouraged to come and present their inquiries without hesitation because even if they feel lost, we can help them find a solution to their housing problems,” concludes the lawyer.

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