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Property Law

María Solana is a Lawyer and Civil Mediator since 2000. Her practice is based in Alicante, covering Alicante province, but she also manages cases in Cadiz, Sevilla, Madrid, Valencia, Barcelona, among others.

The main reasons why you should contract her are:



Local knowledge​


Conveyancing - Property Law

The first thing that I recommend to you when you decide to buy a property is to find an independent legal advisor before paying any deposits.

My law firm covers the whole legal process involved with purchasing and selling properties in Spain.

Construction defaults

When a problem arises or a constructive failure is detected in your property (or future property) it is very important to have the support and guidance of an expert for its resolution.

I have the experience in solving these issues.


The most common and important problems related to leases are unpaid rent.

 Making a good rental contract by establishing and negotiating the key aspects, ensures you avoid future problems. 

I also help you in recovering your house in the worst scenarios.

Inheritances and wills

I am specialized in the resolution of complex international inheritances, in which there may be real estate and other assets located in different countries. 

Related to the future problems that may arise, I advise you on the best way to make a will and avoid them.


What my Law firm will do for you is a whole investigation of the real situation of the property that you are interested in buying.

This investigation is really useful if your interest in the purchase is very high, because if you find any problems and you can solve them. This information is really useful in order to negotiate the price or the conditions of this purchase.

With the technical advice from my team I can offer you a perfect vision of the property, and I can offer you an estimation of reparation costs.

The 360º assessment includes the study of:

  1. Permits in the City Council, in the Ministry of Coasts, Ministry of Public Constructions…
  2. Urban planning
  3. Mortgages, charges against the property or even seizures.
  4. The 6 months of bills for utilities, in order to search for evidence of problems.

For your peace of mind, I am a specialist in risk management and apply the most successful project management methodologies (PRINCE2, PMI, SCRUM) to have control over the work at all times and, therefore, ensure compliance with objectives.

When 360º assessment shows that there are some problems or issues that cannot be repaired, I offer you a RISK legal assessment about the situation of the property, which allows you to decide if you finally desire to buy the property or not.

In case you decide to buy the property the fact of knowing these legal problems and their percentage of risk, provides you an opportunity to negotiate the price.