Legal Project Management (Innovate or die) II

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A few days ago, I published an article explaining what Legal Project Management is. Today, I intend to share with you, from my point of view, the key benefits of its implementation.

In broad terms, we can highlight three main reasons why adopting this methodology can be highly advantageous.

1. Enhanced Client Engagement

Legal Project Management provides a more committed and professional approach to client interactions. It incorporates effective communication policies, keeping the client informed throughout the project’s progress. A precise timeline for project execution and a robust resource platform enable us to anticipate potential risks and challenges, allowing for the quantification of the project’s success or failure probabilities.

2. Ordered Working Method

The structured working method enforced by LPM ensures the ability to offer diligent services to the client. Additionally, it enhances the sense of professional responsibility and provides greater security from the perspective of our professional accountability.

3. Financial Management for Increased Profitability

As an essential element, financial management in LPM leads to an increase in the profitability of our projects, making us more competitive.

With the increase in internal legal departments and the emphasis on versatile in-house lawyers, the demand from corporate clients has decreased in quantity but increased in terms of expectations, especially concerning the “triple constraint” in project management: scope/quality, time, and cost.

Both in law firms and corporate legal departments, there is a growing emphasis on the application of criteria such as efficiency, sustainability, profitability, usefulness, and predictability. These criteria have long been applied in project management in other sectors or industries.

Legal Project Management (LPM) serves as a differentiating tool. However, it requires lawyers to be willing to implement some changes in their behavior to effectively adopt this methodology.

María Solana Seguí

Lawyer & Civil Mediator.
Legal Project Manager®.
Lecturer of Executive Education and Master´s degrees: Europa Business School Amsterdam, EOI, Miguel Hernández University.
Registered as Lawyer at the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO).
Member of the International Network of Jurists and Experts on Vulnerability (INJEV).

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