Sant Joan opens the new Municipal Housing Office after integrating into the Xaloc office network.

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Sant Joan d’ Alacant (22/03/2022).- On Monday, March 21, the Sant Joan d’Alacant City Council inaugurated the new facilities of the Municipal Housing Office at 24 Canyaret Street. This office is integrated into the Xaloc office network under the agreement signed between the Valencian Government, through the Housing Department, and the Sant Joan City Council, through the Housing Department, to provide a one-stop service for housing, building rehabilitation, and urban regeneration in the municipality.

The residents of Sant Joan will be able to find information, advice, and support in a single place regarding issues such as rental assistance, both at the regional and municipal levels, mediation and intervention for individuals or households at risk of losing their primary residence due to mortgage or rental arrears, and support and guidance in rehabilitation.

According to the Housing Councillor, Javier Sánchez (PSOE), the XALOC Housing Office “will definitively boost the municipality’s housing policies and will allow the provision of new services to the public in terms of rehabilitation, housing regeneration, and further enhancement of rental support, with a dedicated line managed through this office.”

To meet the users’ needs, the office will have an interdisciplinary team composed of two individuals responsible for assistance and processing of rental aid, an architect, whose mission will be to promote and support matters related to rehabilitation, and a lawyer specialized in mediation to advise individuals at risk of losing their homes.

The budget provided by the Valencian Government for integration into the Xaloc Network is €69,439.80 annually. The entrusted activities managed by People and City, the public company responsible for municipal housing service management, are organized into five units with the following functions:

  • One-stop service unit for housing, building rehabilitation, and urban regeneration: information, advice, and referral to promote access to decent housing and combat urban segregation; processing and management of procedures for regional aid and support for rehabilitation by all means available.
  • Habitat management unit: management and maintenance of housing for social purposes; habitat improvement and increase of social interest housing stock.
  • Unit for protecting housing tenure: emergency service and mediation service.
  • Rehabilitation and Energy Efficiency Unit: improvement of privately-owned homes and promotion of energy efficiency and renewable energies.
  • Local Housing Observatory Unit: information and analysis and management of official records related to housing.
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